2010. szeptember 12., vasárnap

Házi vadak

Kedvesek, viccesek, kis helyen elférnek, és még enni sem kérnek. Az ír Grainne Watts alkotásai.

Grainne Watts has been a thrower of mainly functional ware throughout her ceramic career and over the last number of years has started to use this method of making in conjunction with hand building to produce two distinct bodies of work. She is currently known for the decorative ‘beasts’ she makes. These started off as knobs on lidded vessels, an interest in the various ways animals are adorned for festival parades and rituals inspired the pieces. Each is hand thrown and assembled using a blow torch to help capture poise and expression. She uses coloured slips to decorate the surface. Italian glass discs and silver washers can be added later. She also smoke fire the beasts sometimes to get totally different range of surface markings. (A Narrow Space galéria ismertetője)

Fotók: Crafts Council of Ireland, Lavit Gallery

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